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With a modern design and refined aesthetics, this ATV is a fun and capable machine.

ATV Dedicated Engine

Liquid Cooled engine -  4 Stroke specially built for ATV use. Great Low end torque coupled with a CVT Transmission. High and Low Gear Ratio with great climbing and pulling capability.

Engine ATV.PNG

Modern Design

Adopting avant-garde design with Daylight running lamp and LEDs to complement the looks and better durability

Muti Function Display

Clear and crisp display showing all essential information including trip meter. 
Automotive-grade paint job for maximum durability

Render 1.PNG

Engineered to last

Employing latest Robot welding and manufacturing techniques to ensure consistent quality. 

Naked frame.PNG

Built Tough

Special design for sensitive electronics to protect from the environmental conditions. Over designed wheel hubs to ensure reliable performance throughout the life of the vehicle.

Water Crossing Capable

The GA300 is fully insuted and air intake and exhaust carefully designed to allow for a wadding depth of 600mm

Wade Depth 1.jpg


  • 271cc Liquid Cooled Four Stroke

  • OverCamshaft Valves Design

  • Bore x Stroke: 72.8 mm x 65.2 mm

  • CVT Transmission ( L-H-N-R)

  • Power: 22.5 HP/ 7000 RPM

  • Torque: 25.5 N.m/ 5500 RPM

  • Front Dual Brake Disc /Rear Disc

  • 14L Fuel Tank

  • Seat height 878 mm

  • Ground clearance 165 mm

  • Wet weight 245kg 

  • Payload 180kg

  • Front tyre size AT22-7x10

  • Rear tyre size AT22-10x10

  • Final Shaft Drive , 2WD

  • Wheelbase 1210mm

Financing Options

Cash Price  Rs 199,000
Winch Option Rs 10,000

Financing Options
Showroom Price Rs 211,950
CIM Finance / Rogers Capital

Deposit Rs 20,000
Monthly Rs 
Monthly Rs 

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