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The SX2 delivers serious on- and off-road riding performance that appeals to riders of various skill levels. These dual-purpose motorcycles boast a new 250cc  4 Valves engine and provide a superior ride for confidently navigating through city streets or off-road trails

FE250 Engine

FE250 is a new 4 Valves high-performance engine for performance oriented bike developped in-house by LONCIN. With  stronger power (24HP- 23Nm), lower vibration and  more pure sound, it provides you a passionate riding trip. The addition of oil-cooling technology makes for lower operating temperature engine.


Perimeter Frame

Rigid, lightweight and loads of torsional stiffness. The perimeter frame is the way to go for agile and good power-to-weight ratio machines. With better load bearing capacity and durability, this frame allows for a fun bike around the track.


Off Road

Equipped with high quality off-road tires from factory to rackle rough terrains from Day 1.


Swing Arm 

Equipped with High Rigidity swing arm, providing more comfortable, smooth and safe riding.

Front end SX2.jpg

Inverted Fork

USD front fork, the SX2 line amounts to a superior ride even in challenging off-road terrain.


  • 249cc Oil Cooling Technology 

  • SOHC 4 Valves, with Balancer shaft

  • Bore x Stroke: 71 mm x  mm

  • 6 Gears Wet Clutch 

  • Power in standard Configuration: 24HP  

  • Torque: 23 N.m 

  • Front/Rear Brake Disc

  • 12L Fuel Tank

  • Seat height 800 mm

  • Ground clearance 165 mm

  • Dry weight 150kg ± 5kg

  • Front tyre size 3.00-21

  • Rear tyre size 120/90 – 18

Financing Options

Cash Price  Rs 104,900* 
Road Charges Rs 7,625
On Road Rs 112,525
Excluding Insurance

*After discount

Financing Options
Showroom Price Rs 114,000
Option 1

Deposit Rs 19,025 (excluding Insurance)
Monthly Rs 3,976 x 30 
Monthly Rs 2,894 x 48 (Rogers only)

Option 2
Deposit Rs 13,000 (Insurance included)
Monthly Rs 4,657 x 30 

Monthly Rs 3,345 x 48 (Rogers only)

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