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DOHC ('Twin Cam') vs SOHC

We have had many of our customers who are bike enthusiasts ask us what is the difference between a DOHC and SOHC and what do they actually mean. So we try to answer these questions here.

DOHC and SOHC are two setups used in engines to actuate the valves which are responsible for air intake and exhaust in a engine. These setups have evolve from the Overhead Valves setup from the beginning of engine technology. DOHC is the superior and latest technology using two individual camshafts (Red in diagram below) to actuate the valves compared to a single camshaft for SOHC.

Advantages of DOHC Better Airflow at high RPMs Better Top End Power & Torque Increased Volumetric Efficiency Central Position of Spark plug for better combustion

DOHC engines are more powerful and expensive than SOHC but at VOGE we still offer you the latest technology at very affordable price. #VOGE #TechExplained #DOHC #Engineering

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