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Trellis Frame

A motorcycle’s chassis or frame forms its skeleton. All the components of a motorcycle, like the suspension, wheels, fuel tank, seats, handlebars etc, are attached to this base structure which lends a motorcycle its strength and ability to handle well. Motorcycle frames come in a variety of materials and shapes, based on the budgetary and performance-related limits of the end product. In engineering, we are often compromising between cost and performance. The trellis frame always tend to lie on the High Performance and moderate cost option. VOGE employs this type of frame for the 300R, 300RR, and 300AC motorcycles. The Trellis offers great rigidity and light weight compared to other frame options. The increased stiffness of the chassis gives the whole bike better stability and handling while not adding much to the overall weight. VOGE uses advanced Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) software and testing facility to design high strength chassis with lower vibration transmission. These frames are then welded using specialized Robot-Arms that ensures consistency and reliability.

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